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A Sona Partner

Bond Digital Health Solutions


Bond Digital Health is the leading provider of digital solutions for lateral flow. Bond’s app, cloud and dashboard platform enhances reader capability and performance and transforms traditional assays into complete quantitative solutions that improve in-field decision making and the end-user experience.

The company’s mission is to become a trusted digital partner to leaders in lateral flow to create the next generation of digitally enhanced diagnostics powered by real-time data.

Its vision is to lead the lateral flow diagnostics revolution through digital technology and to help control major health threats globally for the benefit of people and the planet

Partnership with Sona

Sona’s innovative lateral flow products powered by Bond’s digital technology offers an improved and robust lateral flow solution to prospective clients. The two companies are also working together as part of a wider consortium on a project to produce a new point-of-care test for the agricultural and veterinary markets.

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