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A Sona Partner

Cape Breton University


Dr. Shine Xu Zhang

Dr. Shine Xu Zhang

The Verschuren Centre at Cape Breton University is a commercially focused research, development and deployment service provider for the clean tech sector. The Centre develops and delivers sustainable technology solutions in energy, food and resources management to businesses, governments and communities.

Dr Shine Xu Zhang is industrial research chair in applied nanotechnology at Cape Breton University. A chemist with extensive experience in immunoassay and cancer research, he is an expert in nanotechnology and lateral flow assays. He is currently leading a group of scientists at the Verschuren Centre to develop nanotechnology for health and environmental applications.

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Partnership with Sona

Sona is collaborating with Dr Zhang and his team to assess and further understand the toxicity of gold nanoparticles. Sona’s nanorods are the first in the world to be produced without the toxic chemical CTAB, making them suitable for in-vivo applications. During the collaboration the teams at Sona and CBU will combine their respective technologies and knowledge to generate independent verification data regarding the cytotoxicity of Sona’s nanorods against CTAB nanorods.

The collaboration will provide Sona with a clearer understanding of how our nanorods are utilized in various in-vivo applications, which will inform our future product development portfolio.

Further reading

The following links provide more information on gold nanoparticles and gold nanorod technology:


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