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A Sona Partner

China Agricultural University


Sona CEO Darren Rowles and Dr Geng Meng at CAU, Beijing

China Agricultural University, in Beijing, specializes in agriculture, biology, engineering, veterinary medicine, economics, management, humanities and social science.

Dr Geng Meng D.V.M. PhD, PI, is professor and principle investigator of veterinary medicine.

Partnership with Sona

Sona is working on a collaborative research project with China Agricultural University (CAU) and Dr Meng to develop next generation bio-conjugation kits and lateral flow assays powered by Sona’s proprietary gold nanoparticle technology.

Initial projects will focus on developing multiplexed assays that can detect mycotoxins (fungal spores that infect food sources and can be harmful to humans and animals), bacterial contamination and animal diseases.

The resulting products will be distributed throughout China’s domestic agricultural and veterinary markets.

CAU has a large library of antibodies and antigens and rich experience in lateral flow assays, which, combined with Sona’s unique gold nanorod technology, has the potential to transform testing for contamination and diseases in the agricultural and veterinary industries

Professor Meng said: “We are excited to work with Sona Nanotech. With our massive library of antibodies/antigens and rich experience in lateral flow assays combined with Sona’s unique gold nanorod technology, we have the potential to transform the way we test for contamination and diseases in our agricultural and veterinary industries. I’m sure this will be a successful and productive partnership.”

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