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Sona Gold Nanoparticles

Welcome to our collection of gold nanoparticles – tiny wonders with colossal potential. Gold nanoparticles are tiny pieces gold, typically ranging from 1 to 100 nanometers in size, making them invisible to the naked eye yet packed with remarkable properties. Renowned for their versatility and unique optical, electronic, and catalytic properties, gold nanoparticles are revolutionizing industries from medicine to electronics. Choose from our selection to help you in your discovery of extraordinary applications from cutting-edge medical diagnostics to advanced materials science. Unlock the power of gold nanoparticles and explore a world of endless possibilities.

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Sona Gold Nanorods

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Introducing Sona’s cutting-edge Gold Nanorods (GNRs), meticulously crafted using our patented proprietary techniques, completely free from CTAB. These biocompatible wonders are tailor-made for diagnostic purposes like ELISA and lateral flow assays. They excel in in-vivo applications, making them perfect for drug delivery and photothermal therapy. Choose from a range of sizes (650nm and 850nm), concentrations (OD1 and OD10), and quantities (from 10ml to 1000ml) to suit your specific needs. Embrace innovation with Sona’s Gold Nanorods – your gateway to advanced biomedical solutions.

Sona Gold Nanospheres

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Introducing Sona Gold – perfectly spherical gold nanoparticles, suspended in pure water, devoid of preservatives or suspension agents. These particles boast a negative charge, attributed to citrate ions, facilitating effortless passive conjugation with nearly all antibody types. Ideal for Lateral Flow and ELISA assays, Sona Gold promises unparalleled performance.

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