650nm Gold Nanorods 10x (Blue)


Sona’s biocompatible 850nm Gold Nanorods (GNR’s) are manufactured using patented proprietary methods without the use of CTAB and concentrated to 10 X. They are suitable for use in diagnostic applications such as ELISA and lateral flow assays and are ideally suited for in-vivo applications such as drug delivery and photothermal therapy.

10x Concentration



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Product volume (ml)

10ml, 20ml, 50ml, 100ml


length – 25-31nm, Longitudinal Peak (LSPR); 640-670nm, LSPR Intensity; 10-10.2 TSPR Intensity; 0.20-0.30, Mean size range; width – 13-18nm, Traverse Peak (TSPR); 510-520, UV-Vis Aspect Ratio (AR); >1.6


Store at 2-8C – DO NOT FREEZE

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All Sona gold products have a shelf life of 12 months from date of manufacture and should be stored a 2-8°C. DO NOT FREEZE.

They are suspended in purified water and manufactured using a citrate-based reduction procedure, leaving a negatively charged citrate-capped surface that is ideal for conjugation of antibodies for use in lateral flow test developments.

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