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The Sona Advantage

Gold Nanorods

Gold Nanorods – An Introduction

Gold nanorods (GNRs) are small particles whose surface plasmon resonance (SPR) frequencies can be altered by modifying their length and width, giving them properties useful in a host of applications, including diagnostics, optical biomedical imaging, and photothermal therapies, to name a few. One of the major barriers in the application of GNR-based materials, however, especially for in-vivo applications such as hyperthermal cancer treatment, is the presence of cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (CTAB), a cytotoxic, cationic surfactant used exclusively in the large scale synthesis of GNRs. CTAB attacks and kills cells in the body in 2 ways: by creating nanoscale holes within affected cell membranes and depriving cells of energy, ultimately killing the cell in both cases.

The concentration of CTAB that is most often used in the synthesis of gold nanorods is typically 100 times its critical concentration, meaning a significant amount of CTAB remains in the bulk of the solution after the GNRs are made. A number of methods have been used to “remove” or partially exchange the CTAB, however, these surface modified GNRs are often still contaminated with residual CTAB.

For GNRs to be safely and more readily integrated into in vivo applications, removal of CTAB is essential. This is where Sona’s patented technology comes in. Our revolutionary process of GNR synthesis completely eliminates CTAB from the equation all together!

Attributes of Sona’s Gold Nanorods

Our gold nanorod products offer a highly functionalized and robust manufacturing process

CTAB free & Bio-Compatible

Wide colour spectrum

Long shelf life

Functionalized surface properties

Typical widths from 10-15 nm

Lengths from 25-60 nm

Praise for Sona’s technology

Gold nanorods that have been synthesized and stabilized without CTAB are obviously a safer alternative. The fact that such a particle is commercially available today is astonishing. This could be a very important step forward for a number of promising clinical methods.

Dr. Catherine J. Murphy

Gold nanorod pioneer, professor of chemistry, Department of Chemistry, University of Illinois

Sona’s unique gold nanotechnology is very impressive and has the potential to transform lateral flow. We are proud to partner with such an innovative company and we know that together Sona and Bond can achieve great things.

Phil Groom

Commercial Director, Bond Digital Health

Hydrosense and Sona are the perfect fit; with our innovative and reliable solutions and Sona’s unique gold nanorods, I am certain we can develop something special together.

Dr. Richard Campbell

Technical Director of Hydrosense, a Scotland-based rapid water testing company