Storage and Handling

Quality Control

When stored as recommended, most nanoparticles remain stable for at least 12 months from date of manufacture. Always visually inspect your materials before each use. If you notice any visible particulates, a change in the solution’s color, or a decrease in color intensity, the nanoparticles may have aggregated. Analyze these materials using UV-Visible spectroscopy, DLS, or TEM for quality verification or contact our technical team 

Storage Precautions

  • Do not freeze nanoparticles in solution, as freezing causes irreversible aggregation and color changes.
  • Store nanoparticles in a temperature-controlled environment between  2-8°C. Bottles of particles can be left on the lab bench for a few hours during use, but always return them to refrigerated storage space. 

Handling Nanoparticle Colloids

Shake each bottle before use. Nanoparticles may settle at the bottom of the vial during storage, particularly those larger than 30 nm in diameter. Before aliquoting or using the nanoparticles, vigorously shake the bottle for about 30 seconds to ensure the solution is homogeneous. Check the bottom of the container to make sure no particles remain settled.

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