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Sona Nanotech Ltd. has leveraged its team’s unique knowledge and experience with novel surface chemistry methods and surfactants to create a disruptive leap forward in metallic nanoparticle technology.

Co-founders Dr. Gerrard Marangoni, Dr. Kulbir Singh, and Dr. Michael McAlduff recognized the role that gold nanoparticles can play in a variety of life sciences applications, e.g.,  in-vivo 3-D imaging, GNR-enabled diagnostic test products and other cutting edge medical applications.  Gold nanorods can be enabling technologies for non-invasive targeted cell, tumor, tissue and organ treatments such as photothermal cancer cell destruction, and location specific drug and pain treatment.

Over the last 30 years, there has been incredible progress within the research community working with gold nanoparticles in the areas of photothermal cancer treatment, diagnostic imaging, drug delivery and other areas. CTAB is a major concern in advancing the existing research into human use,” stated Dr. Ephraim Honig, COO of Strem Chemicals. “We are excited to be the first to bring to market gold nanoparticles that can help bring decades of research closer to the reality of life changing procedures.”

Ephraim Honig, COO Strem Chemicals Inc-
Ephraim HonigCOO Strem Chemicals Inc

The Problem

Gold nanorods have been made to date with toxic CTAB which makes them much less attractive for in-vivo medical applications.

The Solution

100% CTAB-FREE – Gemini™ and Omni™ Patent-Pending Gold Nanorods – from Sona Nanotech Ltd.

The Problem

For a given colour contrast, large gold nanospheres are not as stable or mobile as gold nanorods (dip tests).

The Solution

Stable, high loading capacity GNRs from Sona Nanotech offer a broad range of rich, high contrast test color options.

Sona GNR products are a superior enabling technology for Diagnostic Product Developers

• Lateral Flow

Key feature advantages for diagnostic product developers using Sona gold nanorods are:

Strong and varied test color result options.

Patent-pending surface chemistry that enables both fast functionalization and increased loading of anti-bodies, anti-gens or drug molecules versus GNRs prepared with CTAB.

Increased Sensitivity improves time to results.

We are ready to work collaboratively with scientists conducting research where Sona GNRs will be used as the nanoparticle platform technology in medical applications projects for;

• Bio-Imaging – where our in-vivo friendly GNRs will provide rich 3-D imaging of organs, tissues, and cells.

• Photothermal Treatment – to kill cancer cells without harming healthy cells; or to liquefy fat cells enabling non-invasive liposuction.

• Targeted Drug Delivery – Where Sona GNRs are used as the platform carrier device.

In-vivo Diagnostics – functionalized Sona GNRs used to provide early diagnosis of cancers and other diseases.

Sona’s gold nanorod product features that support these uses are:

Competing gold nanorods made with CTAB/CTA+ kill healthy human cells - Sona's gold nanorods are made without CTAB/CTA+!

Our patent-pending GNR synthesis methodology results in superior products for medical treatment applications.

Sona GNRs possess exceptional thermal stability and have a much higher capacity to generate heat than competing nanosphere products.

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