Biocompatible Nanoparticle Technology Being Used to Develop Cancer Therapies & Rapid Diagnostics

Sona’s unique gold nanorods have the potential to power the next generation of lateral flow diagnostics and play a key role in the advancement of impactful scientific and medical applications

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Sona Gold Nanorod ("GNR") Technology 

Uniquely biocompatible.
Unlocking of in-vivo medical applications potential



Targeted Hyperthermia Therapy

Sona GNRs in targeted hyperthermia may create the
opportunity to treat cancer without doing significant harm to healthy cells.

Concussion Tests

Sona’s concussion screening test to be used at the scene of injury

Bovine Tuberculosis Tests

Early detection at low cost without the need for test-and-slaughter

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The Case for Hyperthermia Thermal Therapy for Cancer - White Paper - Sona Nanotech

The Case for “Hyperthermia” Thermal Therapy for Cancer