Targeted Hyperthermia Therapy (THT)

Leveraging GNR Gold Nanorod

Sona’s GNR technology in Siva Therapeutics’

Uniquely biocompatible

Uniquely biocompatible

Unlocking of in-vivo medical applications potential

Unlocking of in-vivo medical applications potential

Len Pagliaro Phd - Sona Nanotech

Pioneered by
Len Pagliaro, PhD

Sona GNRs in targeted hyperthermia may create the opportunity to treat cancer without doing significant harm to healthy cells

Current Cancer Treatments are risky, expensive and can do harm

How does THT work?

Targeted Hyperthermia Therapy™ (THT)

Medical device with two components:

Heating tumors does the following:


Healthy cells withstand heat stress, up to 52°C, typical with ablation therapies.

Not damaged by hyperthermia’s 44°C

THT destroys cancer cells while healthy cells can stay undamaged

SivaRods™ heat to 44°C

Selectively kills cancer cells

Works from the inside of the tumor out

Heat shock protein (HSP) synthesis used

Cancer cells are more sensitive to heat

Siva’s Unique Differentiator:

Selective ‘Hyperthermia’ Minimizes Collateral Damage



(44°C, cooler than blue rare!)

Blue Rare (115°F) i.e. 46°C

Hyperthermia doesn’t harm normal cells

Hyperthermia doesn’t harm normal cells



(> 55°C)

Medium (134°F) i.e. 57°C

Ablation therapies ‘cook’ proximate cells

Ablation therapies ‘cook’ proximate cells

THT photothermal cancer therapy using GNRs will address current treatment issues

Key Issue

Using gold ‘in vivo’ is understood to be safe

Long-term effects of GNRs treated with toxic CTAB are unknown.

Sona GNR Advantage

Sona’s proprietary CTAB-free GNRs have shown no toxicity

Confirmed by third party and in-house testing

colorectal cancer and targeted hyperthermia therapy - Sona Nanotech

First THT Application: Colorectal Cancer Tumors

Why is THT uniquely suited for colorectal cancer treatment?

Treatment Benefits:

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Road to Commercialization

Potential future clinical studies to provide multiple valuation catalysts.

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