Bovine Tuberculosis Test

Sona’s Bovine Tuberculosis Test

“With help from the NRC IRAP program and the collaboration with our partners in the UK, we hope to offer farmers a more effective method for early detection of bovine TB than is currently used to mitigate the spread of this debilitating disease.”

David Regan
CEO of Sona Nanotech

Current Methods & Issues

Sona’s Bovine Tuberculosis Solution

Time to results

No cost-effective early detection methods currently available

  • A diagnosis through a skin test, turnaround of 48-72 hours
  • Post-mortem examination and tissue culture, can take up to 12 weeks

Early detection at low cost without the need for test-and-slaughter

  • Blood sample taken for rapid lateral flow test
  • Associated app for tracking and reporting in minutes

Cost of Intervention

Once bTB is confirmed, all exposed animals in a herd are destroyed

Estimated costs of bovine TB control in UK to top £1 billion over the next decade

Rapid screening of individual animals, no need to destroy healthy cattle


Skin test cannot distinguish between infected and vaccinated cattle

Rapid screening of individual animals, no need to destroy healthy cattle

Validated in-lab with contrived 
blood samples

Other GNRs Applications

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