Verschuren Centre collaborates with local company

SYDNEY – A local company has signed a three-year research agreement to collaborate on the creation of a smart metallic nano material research program at CBU’s Verschuren Centre.

SONA Nanotech Ltd. is a Nova Scotia company developing nano materials for health and clean technology applications. SONA Nanotech developed the world’s first toxin-free gold nanorods.“Gold nanorods have applications in medical diagnostics and several different cancer treatment methods, as well as areas related to clean technology and the environment,” said Dr. Kulbir Singh, a company co-founder.”Nanotechnology is proving to be one of the most exciting developments of this decade, with the potential to benefit nearly every sector of the economy,” says Verschuren Centre CEO, Dr. Andrew Swanson.

The collaboration agreement became effective April 1 and the research team is now moving into the Verschuren Centre, with plans to begin commercializing their nano materials. SONA’s business offices are located in downtown Sydney.

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