Webinar Oct 25th 2023 Update Hosted by CEO David Regan & CSO Len Pagliaro PhD

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Sona Nanotech (CSE: SONA | OTCQB: SNANF) is a leading biotechnology company that specializes in the development and commercialization of unique gold nanorod technology. Sona Nanotech also pioneers the field of targeted hyperthermia, leveraging their gold nanorod technology to selectively deliver heat to specific cancer cells, offering a promising approach for cancer treatment with minimal damage to surrounding healthy tissues. Through their innovative platform, Sona is revolutionizing various sectors, including diagnostics, life sciences, and pharmaceuticals. With a focus on enhancing accuracy, sensitivity, and speed, their products offer significant advantages over traditional methods, enabling faster and more efficient testing and analysis. Sona Nanotech’s commitment to continuous innovation and collaboration positions them as a key player in the advancement of nanotechnology applications, ultimately aiming to improve healthcare outcomes and contribute to scientific advancements on a global scale.


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The Case for Hyperthermia Thermal Therapy for Cancer - White Paper - Sona Nanotech

The Case for “Hyperthermia” Thermal Therapy for Cancer