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Sona recently announced promising pre-clinical interim study results on the use of its cancer therapy together with interleukin-2, a common immunotherapy agent, that revealed a synergistic effect in triple negative breast cancer mouse models. These webinars will provide an overview of the study’s first phase of findings on Sona’s ‘Targeted Hyperthermia Therapy’ mechanism, highlighting its potential for shrinking tumors and better enabling immunotherapies, with minimal collateral damage to surrounding healthy tissues. The webinars will features the study’s Principal Investigator, Dr. Carman Giacomantonio, Sona’s Chief Scientific Officer, Len Pagliaro PhD and Sona CEO, David Regan.

Medical Webinar

Sun, Apr 21st 2024 1pm EDT

This webinar will focus on the therapy’s scientific premises and pre-clinical interim study data results, as well as the clinical potential of using Sona’s nanotechnology to shrink tumors and better enable immunotherapies.

Investor Webinar

Mon, Apr 22nd 2024 1pm EDT

This webinar will focus on providing an overview of Sona’s Targeted Hyperthermia Therapy, its preclinical development path and its market potential.


Both sessions will end with a Q&A.

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