Challenging the lateral flow sector at ALFC 2019

Last year Sona Nanotech attended the Advanced Lateral Flow Course as the ‘new kids on the block’, keen to show the lateral flow sector what we could do.

Twelve months on and with a series of successful collaborations under our belt, Sona returned to ALFC 2019 as a publicly listed company with a renewed purpose and a strong message and offer to the sector.

Rather than just promote our unique gold nanorods, this year we:

  • Provided proof to demonstrate how our nanorods work in the form of our new scientific white paper
  • Challenged developers to see for themselves how our nanorods can transform their lateral flow tests
  • Invited businesses to take advantage of our collaborative partnership approach to lateral flow test development

Over the course of the three-day event, held at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront hotel, we held meetings with representatives of lateral flow businesses from across the world and welcomed dozens of attendees to our booth.

Anindita Gupta, Sona’s business development manager, said: “ALFC 2019 was a great event for Sona, and we came away with lots of strong leads.

“As usual there was great interest in our unique gold nanorods, but more than that there was a lot of interest in our collaboration and partnership opportunities.

“People recognise that Sona has a unique value proposition and a different way of doing things and that is making us an increasingly attractive prospect in the competitive lateral flow sector.”

Darren Rowles, Sona’s CEO and president, said: “We had some very positive meetings with developers and found some great new antibody companies that we are keen to work with.

“What stood out for me was the inspirational conversations we had with some of the businesses that have brought or are in the process of bringing exciting new tests to market – they gave us some real food for thought that we can take away with us and help push Sona even further in the lateral flow market.

“One particular highlight was the inspirational stories given by companies that developed tests that had a value and a need.

They took a product from concept all the way through to development and built a lateral flow-based platform that is suitable for over-the-counter consumers.”

We will be showcasing two of these companies – Nima Labs and Undercover Colors – in upcoming editions of SonaCast, so make sure to subscribe on your podcast platform.

  • They say seeing is believing, so to see how Sona can transform your test, or to learn more about our exciting partnership opportunities, get in touch.

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