Listing will take Sona to the next level

After a long and detailed process, Sona is almost ready to list on the stock exchange.

As revealed on our news page, the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) has given conditional listing approval for Sona Nanotech.

It follows the approval of the merger between Stockport Exploration Inc. and Sona Nanotech, which was agreed by shareholders of the two companies at their general meetings on April 26.

The shares will list at $0.40 each, and the listing should raise an initial $2 million.

The listing is subject to a number of conditions being met, but I am confident we will have some more positive news to share in the very near future.

In the meantime, I am delighted to have reached this point after months of hard work behind the scenes from the teams at Stockport and Sona.

The CSE describes itself as the “exchange for entrepreneurs” and is seen as being ideal for emerging companies. This is exactly where we want to be as a business at this stage in our growth.

I said previously that the merger with Stockport would give Sona a strong and stable financial foundation from which to build our brand in the life sciences market.

Well, the stock market listing will take us to the next level, giving us a platform from which we can become a truly global player.

I originally joined Sona because I could see it was a business full of potential with an exciting future ahead. It is great to see that potential starting to be fulfilled.

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